Mail Notifier

Mail Notifier Beta

Get email updates in your Windows tray


  • Multiple account integration is a great concept
  • Visual notifications
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Some performance failures
  • Can't delete accounts you've added
  • Beta version works solely with Gmail

Not bad

Mail Notifier is a small program that notifies you in your Windows system tray when you've received new emails.

If you're tired of constantly having to check your Gmail account on a web browser or your cell phone in order to know when you have new messages, Mail Notifier can help you out. It will notify you in your Windows system tray whenever you receive a new email.

One of the nice things about Mail Notifier is that you can link multiple accounts to the program, as well as access unread messages without opening a browser. You can also configure the notification sounds and the frequency with which the program checks for new email.

This beta version of Mail Notifier only works with Gmail, and does seem to have a few bugs. The latter is somewhat expected of a program in beta, but it might annoy some users nevertheless.

Mail Notifier is overall a convenient and easy to use way to know when you've received new Gmail messages across multiple accounts.

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Mail Notifier


Mail Notifier Beta

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